Capricorn and Sagittarius

These two signs may not be entirely compatible, but may become so well together and look forward to it. Earth and Fire signs, these signs have certain features in common, as is the common sense, the desire to undertake, impulsiveness and desire to have a very active social life. Sagittarius tends to be more reasonable than Capricorn, but he can also become the most stubborn about things that really concern him.

These signs will enjoy long relationships if they spend some time getting to know each other and apply what they have learned. If both are pleased the union will be successful. In the work or friendship, these two signs will not have problems in any of these aspects. They are very open and always find the best plans to enjoy with friends and to solve problems that arise at work.

They can get whatever they want as long as there is a committed union between them and know how to listen. Capricorn has little value to economic decisions, while Sagittarius is not good with creativity. On the sexual plane, these two signs will be in neutral phase after the first weeks of marriage. Although they will start in a good way, when they will want to talk about to improve it, there will be problems. Capricorn is very clear explaining what he likes and is free of taboos, while Sagittarius is the opposite. Therefore, Capricorn should investigate what makes Sagittarius happy if he does not want to make him feel bad in the relationship in general.

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