Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

March 2021

These are days in which you have to prepare for the surprise and the unexpected. You'll probably need to face circumstances for which you were not prepared, but whose nature will leave you with strength and fortitude. Do not rule out anything: everything is possible, but remember that miracles come in two forms. One is positive and the other negative. Also what is attacking us can be a form of the wonderful. At the end of the day, it's all part of this test we call life. Pluto rules over your sky, and its mandate is simple: you have to be prepared. Trends are out of control, and not everything may happen: therefore the beneficial as what tests us, both in love and at work or home. You have to be open to unexpected changes, the waves that shake the shore and be willing to ride its wave. Motion: that's what decrees for most of the third month of the year transit the Sun in opposition to Saturn. You must be in the day to day, the urgency of needs, in solving the problems. It's time to go out and expose the face to a high wind. Do not keep or just stand on the sidelines. Life demands an example of courage and integrity on our part, and to stop mediocrities. Just live with greatness who dares to live boldly. So do what is asked of you, and dive into the raging waters of life. Do not expect others to raise levees containing the flood: be who prepares the lifeboats.

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