Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

November 2019

You will demand serious work of feelings. These have been tough times when you thought that maybe you're not the person you should be, and maybe you should make a shift in what your heart demands of love and life. But no: you're where you should be and all you have to do is fight that feeling of helplessness. We must strive to regain lost territories. This month Pluto parades in the sky, and comes to open your eyes to issues you thought were lost. We have to fight every day for what you thought was defeated: love. Pluto is the star of the deep commitments and gradual changes. It is a planet that demands changes, so we get to achieve what we want, but know that true development is like climbing the highest mountain: requires patience, strength, determination and time. No other sign like yours, Capricorn, none to make of patience a true fortress, and it's time for you to prove that it is possible. You have to sit with that person you love and put on the table all the cards. Time to clear a painful situation, but it is also time to be revealed ways to cope. So while it unfolds before you the maze of the heart, the great news is that every maze can be solved. It just takes to get a bit lost, wander and roam around.

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