Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

October 2022

The heart will be your field of action. You will have great moments of clarity, vision and energy to fulfill your desires in all areas of life, but especially in love, relationships and everything that has to do with human contact. You'll live connections that will give good and lasting fruit. It's time to open the doors to the caller and bring us with them to the future. There are old debts and Pluto, in your sky, impels you to honor them, but they are not monetary, but from the heart: we must give what your fear had kept, Confidence, desire, and affection. Just stop pretending that nothing happens. It happens, and you must restore balance to who demands it: you within. Time to get the bridges down and open doors: the period with Venus in retreat is full of emotions you will not always have been able to master. Usually, love blinds you and this often lead you to areas where the terrain is usually mined with your passion and excess. This will not be the case. Thanks to thoughtful Pluto, take the reins in your hands and give you steady steps to build relationships on equal terms. You will not be the dominated, but the administrator of the fruition. You will not be alone to harvest, but who chooses the seed. So cultivate relationships that occur at work, at home, in love, all point in the right direction whenever you lose the fear of losing yourself.

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