Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

April 2020

In this period we will see a resurgence of tension. They will raise issues related to money and possessions. One must know how to address each, and prioritize, calmly. Serenity and patience, as they say the money comes and goes, but health is only one. Breathe, take a stand, plans, and call onto welfare with a positive thought. Do not give up when the opportunity is coming to our door. This month the ominous shadow of Pluto rises about in your sky, and it will not have good consequences at all. And this slow star likes to make us learn the hard way, arduous and wants you to test me and prove what you're made of. There will be, I will say it once, not an easy test. And this period is going to be full of old forgetfulness, unpaid debts, tasks that you should have met and now resurfacing to spend the bill forward and with interest. And you have no choice but to face the wind as it lashes out. Do not let that bend you. Life is at its worst. We offer one consolation: if we are lost in the maze that is the demonstration that there is a maze and a sense, and it can be solved. Start facing this period with optimism and confidence. The Sun moves away from Saturn, and therefore the natives of your sign, leaving them powerful lessons that must not be forgotten. And in this case you must learn is simple but indelible everything back and charged. So to give back what you can, and postpone what is necessary, and remember that all debts must be paid out.

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