Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

June 2023

Pluto opens this month high in your sky, and its mandate is to reinvent, draw back those aspects of your life that remained, and you solve these issues is an urgent to close to be able to go ahead, totally restored. We are who we are, but we are one step before being who we want to be. Some take that step. Others do not have the courage to ever do so. What will be your case, Capricorn? Do you go into life or stay in the doorway? Pluto, the star that governs the real and profound changes, crosses through your Sky. And you must obey his plan: there are issues that have been left too long adrift, paused, and it's time to take their true form: yes or no, now or never, stay or leave, for once. By the 12th, begins a transit of the Sun to Jupiter that deserves your attention and your efforts, there is a demand born within yourself, and it is to grow, mature, established beyond yourself. You know it's time to find that person you want to be. By the 17th day is for accepting surrender, to move step by step towards the other. Love will not be easy in this third week of June, but we should drink water that is given to us, and even if sometimes tastes a little bitter. Sometimes the road is full of acceptance. From the 24th to the 30th of June, the Sun again indicates the trend to continue, going retrograde toward Saturn. The mandate for this week is clear: we must open our eyes and recognize mistakes.

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