Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

February 2024

Provision should be made that part of the world that has been neglected in recent months: yourself. And the cares of your world are the others, those who love and those who want the best for us. But typically consume all your energy with their demands and problems. When it comes to addressing what must attend your own sphere comes, no longer can’t have the strength, and you resolve what is urgent. The solution: learn to solve yours before. Pluto is high in your sky, and it impels you to look at yourself, to your interior, to your requirements. We must learn how to give, when required, to oneself, and forget some of the worries and problems of others, however much we may love them. Jupiter moves away from Venus, and that makes us move away from the feelings and be, if anything, more selfish, more aware of our true needs. You have to be aware of something: you are the greatest asset that you can offer them to those you love. If before you do something for them, not what you do for yourself, eventually you will lose the ability to give. Each of the signs has a mission in life. Yours is clear: to love and protect those you love. This requires you to be a healthy person, in every way, and enthusiastic and that state only going to get if you meet your needs before you fulfill your dreams, you get to your goals. Do not to live the life of those you love: each of us is accountable to him and to the demands of the world, because that way it strengthens the heart.

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