Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

July 2022

This month separating the first half of the year from the rest of 2013 is going to be about changes although the correct word is about transformations, hard learning that you have lived will pay off, and you'll see the beginning of the evolution: the first stroke of your wings in the air. We say this because your sky is going to keep very high throughout July, Pluto. One of the slowest stars, but which governs the real profound changes, root, painful, but necessary and more beneficial. So, just as the month starts, we see shaking and movements. At first, you'll believe that they are catastrophic, but that ultimately are nothing but the Universe freeing you. Do not be sorry for people that leave your life, or opportunities that will be gone from your sight, love to close your door: those who leave a shipwrecked boat. When Pluto blesses us, we must know to receive his kiss, sometimes bitter, but always fair and necessary. There are flowers that wilt, but there will be others that are open in all their glory and you will be one of them. The storm only brings to you the water of change, the water that feeds you and takes you to grow. We must open our arms and hearts to change. The strongest during that time is going to happen between the first week and 17th of June. Then the transit of Jupiter to Neptune will balance things and stop the avalanche.

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