Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

It's not a time to rock the boat or to move to the revolution. This period will be a slow climb to a slope that will remain steep. The good news is that this is the last stretch before things accelerate: just take the top left, and from there the scenery alone will tell which path to take and know it will be sweet. This month you'll see under the influence of two slow-moving planets. One is your ruler, Saturn, and the other is Pluto. Both planets put us on the path of hard work, of continuity, of staring up to the task. And what is the task you must meet in the month of August, until it is resolved at all? Saturn is the star of thought, but also of sensuality, love is the animal and necessary character. And Pluto is the star of what remains. Your mixture will be clear: you have to fight to amend what seems like it may never be fixed in your relationship. We must continue and not give up. You have to take every opportunity that you believe necessary to come to fruition. And that is the good news that will bring you the stars: there is repair and life after this hard time. And something better is up for you, and only you, that things are as before, and evolve in love and as individuals. Follow the advice of Saturn: let the heart and the body demand, and let your body and your heart understand them.

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