Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

January 2020

You have to drive out those secrets and rumors that crowd into the heart. Or else the guilt and remorse will undermine our happiness and expectations. You have to let out what the end will be in the public domain and recognize that, above all, have a commitment to your peace of mind. If you do not shut up about you or your actions, and you just tie a vague sense of friendship, it is best to follow a hunch that tells you what you should do now. Mercury crosses your Sky, and demand that you put up with what it has to do with communications. And in this sense the best you can do is get rid of that heavy weight days ago you and your living ways: you have to take out of your system that you know by coincidence and move on. No point in protecting those who do not deserve it. Should be avoided, though, the fighting along this month: Mars opposes star of communications, and can bring serious problems if you decide to fight the protagonists of the secrets that you are carrying. You have to stop being the beacon of all storms, who cares about all the lost, and must put more focus on care of you, and to all of yours. Mercury will demand speed and endurance. You have to know how to shake weight which is not healthy for you, and take your sphere of toxic relationships use their lives and secrets to keep subdued. Mercury is the star of freedom, and in freedom you can have, the most important is emotional. It all depends.

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