Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

September 2023

This will be a period of profound change, from root. Something that fails to please you, because you prefer the plains that are alterations and calm sea but we are not the one to decide the movements and trends, and is very probably has to go to war against yourself. Pluto will show you the changes, as they affect our depth as needed. And, I've done, we cannot exist otherwise than perfect evolution. Pluto is the Queen of death and Depth. Do not panic: this means the death of the before, the root, and what is new instead. Remember that there is no change or transformation without destroying something. And what will destroy in this case is something about you: habits, customs, ideas specifically: a relationship that weighs on you, which leaves you not being able to lift your head that demands of you submission is in no way love, respect, or collaboration. The bird is released, insists on returning to the cage again and again, and sometimes it hits hard against the closed gate. Freedom is open learning, but it is not easy for everyone. We must strive in the path of new landscapes once our cages have been torn down. It is not easy to learn to be free, but is something you should do.

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