Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

From November 11 to November 17

Work: The relations with companions of study and partners will be very good, as much in the businesses as in the affective thing… in addition they will receive extra income or by increases or commissions. Success and abundance touch to your door every day of the, offering him the real opportunity change, take advantage of your opportunities, stops wasting the time. Think in your dreams before beginning the day, thinking in your future and evaluates if the steps that takes direct it towards there. A familiar meeting will finish with a bitter conflict and of long data… cause can happen that modify the familiar routine. This day, the native ones will enter dedicated to solve and not to create.

Love: Reconciliations in door, open the arms to friendship. The greatness to live in happiness and abundance is not a situation destined to a few but to all, the problem is that we left the way of innocence, we tried to surround yourself by security, forecasts to future, stopped situations of certainty in the time and… we lose the capacity of astonishment, the creative capacity, the permission to change of course, the possibility of seeing the daily miracles and the coincidences that offer opportunities for growth to us spiritual and material… Know to conquer to fall in love with yourself with the natural grace that it owns. A romantic trip will strengthen the relation. If its partner is of Aquarius the relation will be put intense and passional, enjoy sex like absolute priority of the.

Health: As well as it is essential to recover the smile, the habit to laugh on a daily basis and the capacity of the simple joy to you invites to live in happiness state and satisfaction, also is necessary the weeping. The emotions must be lived totally and to be balanced, of the same form in which take care of yourself or your body needs to take care or your soul. To live in a state of much anguish because of stress is not a form healthy to live… Do not allow that a psychic crisis prevents him to advance, good moment for businesses if manage to raise the spirit. It improves his diet, this also raises the spirit and offers a greater force to confront the life.

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