Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

From December 5 to December 11

Work: The labor and financial subject comes giving headaches and has put your entire persistence. It is good for trying to progress but watch to who leaves in that way. Learn to balance. If this doing what you do want, or not still does not know it, the opportunities will happen of length it sees without them, distracted in tasks or little compatible presents to your own way of life, living this other peoples reality, the stars cannot help it and your influences can be ominous. Affirmations are proposals that we make to ourselves and to the Universe that lives in our interior. Ask to yourself: Why my list of needs is not longer than the one of my profits?

Love: Singles to prepare yourself because from today in future, to end of the month it is very probable that they find partner. Balances try to stay, as they learned yesterday, to take this relation to the place of your lives that give to yourself some, without anticipated disappointments nor out of proportion euphoria. It works to remove the thoughts of opposition or your life. You will begin the month with numerous social meetings and celebrations, will make that it feel at your better moment, since you will be related to all and you will handle the art of the seduction very well. Half-full days before of month many native ones begin to undertake trips, and many they will make it single… When your life is centered in love, you lack expectations exceeds how the others respond to your loving actions.

Health: Take care of yourself of the stress, improves its diet, give to yourself a pleasure. It healing matures and it renews this phrase in your interior: “I am the word of the Cosmos, the Nature, the Creation… that is pronounced in life of my world, with reason and capacity to conquer and to obtain to make my dreams reality”. If well it is directed spiritually and if one is integrated his personality, self-management is to advance. Ask to yourself today: Why I hide if my inner being is gold color? The people majors will have to take care of the bones and the joints. Good moment to begin a new activity that improves its yield at other levels. In the relationship try to stay in calm and not to consider gossips of third parties that do not appreciate it well.

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