Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

From February 26 to March 3

Work: To reframe its objectives is the today mandate, does not waste plus your time. You will obtain better emotional rewards if it dedicates although it is, part of your time to your true vocation. The possibility of reaching happiness is in your hands, just as the possibilities of wealth, abundance and power. Honest questions to recover the power of being another man and to return to the Present Earth, to obtain the vision that can have lost in the way of the routine character: Which is my present? Ask to yourself today: Is my life a static photo that is aging? Which is work of my life?

Love: Some will finish with your solitude forever, since during this month you will appear an awaited love long. Native that they have the sentimental relation with people majors will have serious disagreements. Take care of yourself or your family relationship, a new crisis at door can destabilize everything. Those that not yet has been able to form partner, to arrive at her and to conquer your heart, will have to be as are and to trust your possibilities. It moves away the doubts or your heart and acts with bravery. Your happiness is based on the security, emotional as much economic, and in reaching a state of peace, stability, abundance and well-being yet and the entire surround that it.

Health: Your life is simply the reflection of yourself, thus are its relations, thus are your projects and gains. Do not decay in your search nor in the concretion of your desires, this one is the true happiness, real success in the going and of the has the prize greater gratefulness and love. It is necessary that one is wide-awake, to be able to recognize the opportunities that appear to your step and to use its mental power and its intuition in decision making. Health main problems will appear in the digestive system, this will give him more of a scare.

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