Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

From January 20 to January 26

Work: Try to clarify your desires and to give about your partner with confidence and tenderness. You will have the force to request an ascent or to reach a wanted financial objective. Your happiness is based on taking refuge and to protect yourself behind solid structures maintain that it and they contribute the entire security to you that needs… but in your Interior know that you can obtain more, than he is able, allow to yourself to show it with the facts and yourself constructs, generate, it creates a better future for and yours. Economic change of direction, beware and open eyes for the independent ones that can be swindled. For that they work in relationship of dependency not they let take by gossips and they use your criterion when taking decisions.

Love: A new friend adds the habitual group. Deletion marks the welcome. Possible reconciliation With your partner, or improves in the relation. Encounter with somebody from the past. Happiness must create it for if same You, in a daily effort of the Present creation, marking a happy way in the profit of happiness, with energy and happy for being creative. Today it is the best day to leave the Mars hand to face the entire world. It does what has desire to do and enjoys his beautiful consequences… nothing prevents to change the course him of the events. Today you can be become distressed or to become a little melancholic, because of the influence of the Moon, if it has problems With your partner deals with not adopting a rigid position, learns to yield, to share the problem, think that not always you can be right… or will make worse the things.

Health: Comma with moderation and will be able to avoid stomach problems majors. Self-control at the time of making expenses implements unnecessary. To persecute happiness is not good system to reach it, and trying that it comes towards us we call without it is practically impossible. He is sincere with yourself, writes a phrase of love to the Moon, to appease its anger by your lack of sincerity with the reality. Sincere yourself and look for your Camino Real in life, these are times of open the heart. The natural line of your life will give forces him to fight with the Laziness, friend of the Chaos. Your destiny is not to sleep nor to hibernate by always, must find the force to become the butterfly that is destined to being, breaks that crisálid and flies stop trusting the air will elevate that it until highest. Nonsubject is only one question of confidence… and favors given back on time!

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