Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

From September 13 to September 19

Work: Many desire to have to your own will impel it ceiling to obtain it, more than ever. In the world of work you will find consolation and people with those who to share exits. They also improve the businesses or the climate of everyday work. It is necessary to balance meditation and work to arrive where you want, so that successful manages to retake the way of that it is destined. It analyzes the possibility of undertaking a trip towards the stranger with the value necessary to appreciate the change possibilities that this trip can offer to you… remember that the life is movement and often he is necessary and healthful to change of air. One will appear a good communication with colleagues and a very good moment to you for intelligent decisions.

Love: Take advantage of your entire experience of the last years, is moment for using your entire potential and for adding it to its developed emotional intelligence. Good honest questions to examine our reality of the soul and to return to the Present Earth, to explore in our intimate boy and to reach of the brings back to consciousness true order of our pretensions in life: The back-biting why way leads to me? Encounter in the dawn, let’s roll your imagination and enjoys a high eroticism. You must learn to being conscious that the Present is fruit of your personal creation and that it is necessary to be responsible for it to be able to obtain the precise change, knowing in clearly that owns little capacity to concentrate in desires and true dreams.

Health: The emotional tensions generated by discussions can derive in hypertension, are more prudent with your health or will pay the painful consequences shortly… Take care of yourself a little more in your meals, requests aid if note that cannot only. Prevent problems of health derived from a bad feeding, if do not know what you do need to eat consults with a professional and begins to regulate his diet you need, it to put yourself in form and to benefit his health. The practice of some physical activity would not come to be badly either, mostly if you need to fight stress labor. With suitable diet improvement or not only stays the health, but it is an excellent beginning, the physical activity is also a life right direction.

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