Capricorn and Scorpio

These two signs are the ones that get along the best in the zodiac. Therefore, these may carry on with any relationship they may want between them, either in terms of friendship, in sexuality, in business or at home. Both Capricorn and Scorpio signs are very faithful and loyal to both their partner and friends.

So when one of them meets the other, it is said to have found the ideal partner. They are very similar in nature and tend to like the same things. One area where they might have problems is with the stubbornness that characterizes them. Both are very stubborn and when they engage in a discussion, they will not give up easily. However, this small difference is nothing compared to what unites them. In sex and love, these signs are going to have a great time. Sex is a dance between them, which both will enjoy.

Although during the first few times they can be a little shy and when there is more trust between them, they will not need words to understand the needs of each other. Both are willing to offer one another all the pleasure and fun they are looking for. A love relationship between them is most common, as both flee from quick relationships. These two signs are going to get what they want in life and it seems they are made for each other.

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