Capricorn and Pisces

Fire and Water signs, these signs are quite inconsistent and have serious problems in their relationships. Pisces is a very traditional and stubborn person, which collides with Capricorn in almost every aspect of his personality.

While Pisces will always want to have his own way, Capricorn will attempt to avoid conversations with Pisces and the boredom feeling by his side. Pisces is not one to do many new things, but Capricorn is, and Pisces will do with him or without.

This will make Pisces begin feeling jealousy and discussions between them, thus making the relationship end. However, despite the great differences between them, there is always hope in love, which means that the relationship between them can do well if they can please each other. In the workplace, these two signs are never going to get along.

Each one wants to go their own way and will be very difficult for them to make joint decisions that give them good results. That is if there is a hierarchy among them both will respect it, so teamwork can be quite good and bring success. In the aspect of sex is where these signs can get along because they both love to enjoy sex and try variations. Fun in sex is what they want and this pair is indicated to find it. However, this is not something that will save the longer-term relationships.

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