Capricorn and Leo

The compatibility between Capricorn and Leo is not the best, as there are many parts of their characters that keep them from being the ideal partner. Although in other complicated relationships, these signs may agree to make their relationships long, in the case of Capricorn with Leo, he will be the most difficult, though not impossible.

Capricorns are very open and sociable people who like to be with other people and friends. They have no problem starting conversations with anyone they know and this will always make Leo the most jealous. Meanwhile, Capricorn is independent while Leo likes to have their partners around, which makes the relationship for Capricorn be quite overwhelming. If they know understand and respect the priorities of each other, they may have a future.

However, these signs can get along in friendship and in the workplace, for both love creativity and outdoor activities. They love reading and are curious by nature, so they will always have issues to talk about. In business, Leo is who will stop impulsive decisions of Capricorn, so they may take up small challenges, have a family, and start a business, etc..

On the sexual plane, these signs are also very different. While Capricorn enjoys sex and likes to try new things, to is an obligation and only does it to be ok with their partner. Therefore, in this case, sex will not be an ally for them.

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