Capricorn and Gemini

The compatibility between these two signs is quite low, as there are many differences between them. However, there are also parts of the characters that unite them and if they want to have a good relationship and make it work, they should put much effort into it.

Capricorn, although usually quite compulsive, he is quiet when he is with Gemini. Gemini is one of the signs of the zodiac that is hardest to understand, because he is always changing mentality of plans at the last minute, etc.. In addition, Gemini is a lot about his family and home, while Capricorn is better hanging out with friends and having a very active social life. To combine these two characters, both must have patience and understand each other.

While Capricorn will understand the impulsivity of Gemini, this one is going to understand the desire of social life of Capricorn, which will make them be together for a long time. The achievements that they can achieve are a lot, but should stay away from hasty opinions. This is going to cost a lot to both and will not always going to get, so it's best to forget all issues involving risk. On the sexual plane, these signs also have many differences in the timing and chances to be together.

While Capricorn gives preference to go out and do other activities, Gemini would rather be alone with his partner. However, if both give occasionally, relationships can be the most pleasurable, because they both love to try new things and innovate in sex.

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