Capricorn and Capricorn

The relationship established between two Capricorn can be the best or the worst, as both are Earth signs and want leadership of the relationships. It's not that it is impossible, on the contrary, will often seem one of the best relationships as long as they do not let monotony into their life. Two people with the same sign can go far as a couple and as friends; only they can decide what they want from each other.

At work, however, these two people are going to have quite a few clashes, so it is not be advisable to work with them on the same team. They are very creative and optimistic, which makes them ideal for working in complex and difficult situations. In sex, these two people are going to know perfectly what the other ones likes, which will lead to wonderful sex. Yes; for these to last, both must make efforts to prevent the routine in their life. Regarding coexistence, two people of Capricorn will be getting along pretty good, as both are easily adapted to the other person. However, there is little difference between them, will lead to difficult discussions to resolve, as both will want to be right.

Two Capricorn can do what they want and they will get what they intend to, as they are determined and, once made a decision, it is not easy to change their minds.

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