Capricorn and Aries

Fire and Earth Signs respectively, these signs will need to pay special attention to their relationships if they want these to function, since the differences between them are, in many cases, unsalvageable. Capricorn and Aries is a good combination for friendship and for business, because both are active and very dynamic.

However, this couple will not work well in the case of investments or decisions, as both struggle to think things through before acting. However, they are two people that can have very good results in art and creativity. Romantic relationships established between them are not usually the longest lasting, because while Aries is outgoing and dynamic Capricorn likes a little more of intimacy. Aries is very carefree of his image, while Capricorn looks after every detail of it. At home, both are very stubborn, so there will be quite a few arguments between them, which will not be solved easily, as none want to lose battle. In sexual relations, the Aries will enjoy much more and need less to feel pleased.

Capricorn, on the other hand, needs to have something new and will look for in Aries a new way to discover love daily, something that Aries will love and also should be quite demanding if he does not want to become monotonous, so Aries will have the expectations bar pretty high.

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